Protect your most valuable asset: Your home

For most families, their house is their valuable asset. It’s where your family grows up, and where memories are created. Your security and your lifestyle are all tied up in your home.

At Seibel, we understand how important home insurance can be. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, are settling into the retirement home of your dreams or buying a second home in an exotic locale, we’ve got you covered.

With a wide number of carriers and policies to choose from, we will find the coverage that fits your budget and addresses your needs.

Important protections to consider when purchasing home insurance:

• Damage to your home’s structure
• Damage to auxiliary structures like a garage or shed
• Loss of the contents of your home – your personal property. In some plans, your coverage extends to personal property in other locations.
• Living expenses if you are unable to stay in your home after a covered loss.
• Protection if the case someone has an accident or is injured while visiting your home.

Other Coverages:

Depending on the history of the area you live in, we may advise you to consider mine subsidence coverage. Also, if you are near a body of water considered to be part of the floodplain by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, you may be required to have flood insurance.

Multi-Policy Discounts

Many of our suppliers offer generous multi-policy discounts, so if Seibel writes your home and auto we can often provide additional savings off the policy costs.