There’s plenty of risk running a business. Insurance can help you navigate any pitfalls.

For many business owners, insurance isn’t the first thing they think of – but at Seibel we know that being uninsured means a potential loss of income. We can help you identify any gaps that you may have in your business insurance.

Uninsured problems that happen in a business – from a customer slipping and falling in your parking lot to an employee error that results in a loss of revenue for a client – are much more likely to end in litigation. Insurance can allow you to avoid legal action by providing the means to make a settlement.

At Seibel, we can insure any size or type of business:
• Small to medium-sized retail, wholesale, office and service businesses. Examples include gift shops and specialty stores, bakeries, deli and coffee shops, barber shops and beauty salons, accounting and bookkeeping firms, and medical and dental offices.
• Apartment Buildings, condo associations, building owners, religious organizations, condos and office buildings
• Manufacturing and Venues. Examples include restaurants, hotels, clubs, golf courses, grocery stores, distributors, gas stations, printers, daycare, and tool and dye shops.
• Contractors

Your business deserves to be well protected. Come in or call for a free consultation to determine if your coverage is adequate.. We’re your business insurance advisors.