Darin Seibel started Seibel Insurance in 1990. In the following 20 years, he was able to achieve his mission of providing the best service possible to his growing client base.

“We care about one thing over all others: taking care of our clients.” — Darin Seibel

At Seibel Insurance, we’ve built a successful business by doing the right thing. By having the right coverages, services, prices and carriers, we ensure our policyholders are taken care of.

We decided a long time ago that we wouldn’t sacrifice service for price. Saving a few dollars up front is never worth it when your carrier won’t pay the entire value of your claim. Insurance is the safety net for all you hold dear: your family, home, hopes and dreams. Discovering the proper insurance policies may seem tedious, but there is nothing dull about covering what you most care for in life. At Seibel, our policies ensure that a disaster doesn’t destroy your dreams, derail your future or disrupt your life.