There is a lot riding on your car insurance.

From the first car that you saved up your lawn-mowing money to buy, to your most recent family vehicle, you count on your car to protect you and yours. And you need the right insurance vehicle to make sure that you are financially protected if an accident ever occurs.

At Seibel Insurance, we offer a wide variety of insurance products for your auto. No matter your budget, your driving history and your insurance requirements, we can find an outstanding policy from a company that will stand behind their coverage should you ever have a claim.

Some important elements of your auto insurance coverage are:

• Liability coverage – for the other driver’s car in the case of an accident
• Collision coverage – protecting your auto in an accident
• Comprehensive coverage – protection in the case of theft or fire
• Bodily damage
• Injuries and property damage from under- or un-insured motorists
• Medical coverage

Many insurance plans also provide coverage for a rental car in the case of an accident, towing insurance, cracked-windshield coverage and roadside assistance in the case that your car breaks down.

Multi-Policy Discounts

Many of our suppliers offer generous multi-policy discounts, so if Seibel writes your home and auto we can often provide additional savings off the policy costs.